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Easy, Secure, tool-less visor changes in seconds. Pulls the visor back against the eyeport gasket during closure to ensure a proper seal.

Titanium Double D Ring™

High strength titanium D-ring system with industry leading durability.

Pinlock Maxvision™

Pinlock® 100% Max Vision® ensures a 100% fog free vision. The anti-fog insert lens is placed in the ScorpionEXO™ face shield w/tearoff posts, providing maximum visibility (optional accessory).

Kwikwick II & III™

KwikWick® anti-microbial fabric keeps you cool and dry in warm weather, warm in cool weather Liner is easily removable and washable. The KwikWick® have 3D cheek pads.


Kwikfit™ cheekpads allow use of most common styles of eye glasses.


Good visibility is essential on a bike. All of the ScorpionExo® ranges of visors, as well as the optional tinted, are EverClear®. Uniquely, Scorpion sun visors are also treated with EverClear®, and this is on both sides. Made under licence by a Canadian company specialised in anti-fog treatment, that supply the American army, each visor is antiscratch and has a special hydrophobic coating and exclusive thermo welding, that gets rid of the fog rapidly and effectively.


Ecran solaire interne – traité anti-buée des deux faces.

Speedshift ™

SWith this unique system the visor can be changed in less than 10 grips by 1/4 to remove it. To replace it the operation is just as simple. The visor clips on automatically around the twist grips by simply pressing it on. Easy, reliable and clever.


Inflatable cheek pad system for superior personalized fit.

Shell size

To optimize weight, fitment, and comfort, some Scorpion EXO™ helmets are built with 4 shell sizes and 6 EPS liners.

Vent system

Turn down the lever to allow light airflow into the helmet.


Développée exclusivement par Scorpion, la structure révolutionnaire TCT™ (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) consiste en un mélange de plusieures couches de fibres spécialement formées et entrelacées (Aramide, poly-résines organiques etc…)

Ultra TCT™

Developed by Scorpion EXO™, revolutionary new pre-preg technology off ers unrivaled protection. Extremely light, digressive integrity on impact absorbs more energy.

Breath deflector

Breath box helps rider to breath well without moisturing the inside of the visor.

Faceshield lock

Securely locks shield in place.


Scorpion’s Exolon® shatt er-resistant visor is designed to do much more than just block blinding sun and oncoming roost. The Aerotuned visor is aerodynamically effi cient at reducing drag and maximizing air fl ow while the pliable, advanced polymer material provides memory, holds its shape and is shatt er-resistant.

Emergency release system

Tabs located under the neck roll allow easy removal of the cheek pads by trained emergency medical personnel.

Size range

For the detail, please see the feature notes included in this file.

Dual homologation

Dual homologated helmets off er the best of two worlds.